At Telomere Diagnostics, we are guided by our mission of supporting the health and wellbeing of our community. With these values in mind, our laboratory has shifted its resources to exclusively supplying and processing COVID-19 testing to institutions, employers, and organizations. Please note that as a result, our TeloYears DNA Test, Advanced Ancestry DNA Test, and Telomere Support Supplements will not be available for purchase until further notice.

Please check back for future developments on the availability of our TeloYears DNA Test, Advanced Ancestry DNA Test, and Telomere Support Supplements. We look forward to serving you in the future, and we thank you for standing by us in these unusual times.

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How TeloYears works

The TeloYears telomere health tracking program comprises a test kit to return your sample by mail, analysis of your current telomere length reported as the age of your cells in TeloYears, and the option to work with an expert to develop a personalized lifestyle improvement plan based on telomere science. Then you implement the suggestions and remeasure in about 3 to 6 months to track your improvement.

How to get TeloYears

Four simple steps. All from home. Get started today.

1. Enter Your Information

Get started by entering your order information which includes contact information, payment information and answers to a few questions to ensure that TeloYears is right for you.

2. Doctor Places Your Order

As part of the service included with your purchase price, a doctor reviews your information and places an order for you. We use an independent group of physicians who are authorized to order genetic tests. If you are only ordering Advanced Ancestry, no additional doctor review is performed. Then we mail you your At-Home Sample Collection Kit, which you receive within one week.

3. Mail Us One Drop of Blood

Collect just one or two drops of blood from your finger following the simple instructions in your at-home kit and mail it back in the pre-paid envelope.

4. Get Results

We mail you your TeloYears results 5 to 6 weeks after we receive your sample. Results include your TeloYears Test Report and the TeloYears Blueprint for Aging Well.

Advanced Ancestry results are ready 6 to 8 weeks after we receive your sample. As soon as they are available, your results will be uploaded to a secure online portal and you will receive an email on how to access it.

The TeloYears program is available for individuals between the ages of 20 to 80 within the United States, except for the state of New York. If you reside in New York or outside the United States, sign up for updates on when the TeloYears genetic test will be available where you live.

Individuals residing in the state of Maryland seeking the TeloYears test must have this order form completed and signed by a healthcare practitioner licensed in the state of Maryland and submitted with their sample.

What do you get with TeloYears?

Knowledge, inspiration, actionable insight. It can just feel good to know.

Watch the video below to look inside a sample TeloYears Results folder, which will contain your TeloYears Report and the TeloYears Blueprint for Aging Well.

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Your TeloYears Results Report

Your results report lets you learn the baseline or current age of your cells in TeloYears to help you monitor the vitality of your cells based on your telomere length. Simple and intuitive to understand, your TeloYears Results Report includes:

Learn more about interpreting your TeloYears Results Report.

TeloYears Blueprint for Aging Well – A Special Added Value

Your TeloYears test results come with the TeloYears Blueprint for Aging Well, which distills decades of scientific evidence into one simple, tabulated, and value added resource for those feeling inspired to take action and get the most out of TeloYears. This insightful and value added tool includes:

  • A Self-assessment tool that helps you become more aware of specific and actionable lifestyle factors that may affect your age in TeloYears and inspire more active engagement in managing them.
  • Detailed explanations to help better understand how oxidative stress, inflammation, lifestyle, and other factors can accelerate telomere shortening.
  • Action plan suggestions related to eating well, physical activity, stress, sleep, and more ranging from novice to expert (consult with your doctor before taking any action).
  • A deep dive into the science of telomeres, its history, practical uses and limitations, and its role in a number of age-related diseases.

How to collect your sample

Collecting your sample is simple and takes just a few minutes. Simply follow the instructions in your At-Home kit.

Four simple steps to submitting your sample

Step 1

1. Poke finger with small blue or pink lancet

Step 2

2. Dab drop of blood on strip*

Step 3

3. Place strip into small transport tube*

Step 4

4. Mail back your sample* the same day you collect it

*TeloYears+Advanced Ancestry includes two collection strips

What's in the kit?

TeloYears lab process

Watch this video & see how we measure your telomere length from your sample.

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We use proprietary methods to ensure precision and accuracy of the TeloYears genetic test (the coefficient of variability of our average telomere length measurement is typically in the 2% to 3% range). The TeloYears laboratory is Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) certified.

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Your information is kept absolutely private according to our Privacy Policy. Contact and results information and are available only to you and the ordering doctor as mandated by HIPAA. Your information is never shared with external third parties.

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Transmission of your information takes place only through encrypted connections using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates. Your payment and contact information is transmitted in compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS).